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Deep Dive .NET Architecture and Microservices

Modern enterprise application architecture relies on a huge array of patterns and technologies. We’ll take you through the process of building resilient, production ready applications and teach you all the patterns, tools, and techniques to deliver successfully. We’ll cover topics like:

  • Design Patterns for maintainable software
  • Test Driven Development
  • DevOps practices such as Monitoring and Instrumentation
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Configuration patterns
  • REST API Implementation
  • Microservices
  • Asynchronous Messaging
  • Scaling and caching
  • Legacy system integration and migration

We won’t just cover theory though. Working in small groups, course participants will build a microservice architecture to solve a real world business problem.

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Andrew Harcourt

Andrew Harcourt is a consultant, solutions architect and software engineer with extensive experience in large-scale, high-load, geographically-distributed systems.

Andrew specialises in project rescue, governance and development methodologies. His main areas of interest are domain-driven design, event sourcing, massively-scalable service architectures and cloud computing.

Andrew is a regular speaker and presenter at conferences and training events. Andrew’s mother wrote COBOL on punch cards, and Andrew has been coding in one form or another since he was five years old.

You can find his (mostly) technical blog at uglybugger.org.

Damian Maclennan

Damian Maclennan is a technologist with over 18 years experience in software development, architecture, and agile practices.

He has worked the spectrum from enterprise companies to software startups and consulted for teams across many industries. He has also worked on some of Australia’s most well-known and highly trafficked websites.

Damian’s core technical skills are focused around architecting web and server side systems, data and domain modelling and integration architecture.

He works with companies and teams to provide technology and architecture strategy as well as mentoring teams on agile software development practices.

Damian blogs about agile engineering practices at damianm.com

Nicholas Blumhardt

Nicholas Blumhardt is a keen developer, technologist and entrepreneur, with experience building large-scale platform software at Microsoft, developer tools including Seq and Octopus Deploy, and a wide array of consumer and enterprise software systems.

Nick has had a long involvement with open source software in .NET, by founding projects like Autofac, Serilog and Sprache, and working on some of the first open-source components of the .NET Base Class Libraries.

Nick is co-founder at Datalust and maintains a technical blog at nblumhardt.com.